My name is Jordan Kaye. I'm currently the Head of Technology for Belvedere Trading's office in Boulder, focused on research and development of fully automated market-making systems.

As a leader, I believe that maintaining trust through honesty and consistent expectations is key to building high-performing teams and organizations.

As a technologist, I enjoy exploring different programming languages and paradigms to design robust and easily maintainable systems. I believe that embracing many different languages (and their corresponding communities) is a great way to expand one's knowledge and understanding of software.

When I'm not working or writing code, I love lifting weights, skiing, hiking, and gaming.


I'm always happy to hear from other technology enthusiasts. The best way to reach me is though my work address.

If you're a recruiter, I'm not currently looking for work, but you can feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn via the link on the sidebar.