Organizing Chaos

Thoughts on technical leadership and software engineering

Go slow to move fast

Engineering teams can often improve their long-term development velocity by slowing down in the short term. A shared misunderstanding 🔗Technical debt is an often debated topic. Like most concepts in software, it isn’t particularly difficult to find arguments supporting opposite sides of the spectrum - in a single minute of searching I was able to find that some believe that technical debt doesn’t exist, while others feel that technical debt is the most important aspect of product development.

Striped development

Incremental progress on large projects can be achieved by developing functional stripes across the system's components. When planning the delivery of a software project, there are many different strategies for handling the design and implementation of the system. At the extremes, we could attempt to complete a fully-specified design before writing any code at all, or we could start writing code without putting any thought towards our design and architecture at all.

Creating a development blog

Welcome to the inaugural post of Organizing Chaos! I'm the type of person who loves to tinker with new pieces of technology. Recently, I've been experimenting with a few different technical ideas that I thought were worth writing about (stay tuned for future posts 😉), so naturally I started to get excited about the prospect of setting up a personal development blog for myself. After a weekend of research and experimentation, I've arrived at a very simple (yet effective!